Jose Gonzalez

Weightclass: Featherweight

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New York, New York
Richard Anthony, Sean McHugh, Chris Schoewe
Martin Gonzalez (father)

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Jose “Chocolatito” (Little Chocolate) Gonzalez

At the age of 21, Jose is a two-year pro. A rising young prospect at 126 pounds, he is the first cousin of former four-division world champion Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez – Jose’s father and Roman’s father are brothers.

He stayed active with seven fights in 2016 and three in 2017.

In his last fight on December 9 in New York, Jose had a six-round draw against Adan Gonzales.

The Ring’s Vladimir Lik reported from ringside [excerpts]: In featherweight action, New York City’s Jose Gonzalez and Adan Gonzales fought to a majority-decision draw over six rounds. The official scores at ringside were 58-56 for Gonzalez and 57-57 twice.

The 21-year-old Gonzalez brilliantly counterpunched Adan Gonzales, but failed to follow up with anything meaningful.

Colorado-native Adan had no answer for Jose’s straight left hand, which found an easy target whenever he chose to throw it. [End Lik item]

Jose said, “I train at Gleason’s gym in Brooklyn – that’s my home gym. I’ve been training there my whole life.

“I mix it up – I’m a boxer and a brawler. It depends on the opponent, but I like brawling – the fans come to see a fight!

“I’ve been to Nicaragua like, five times. My father and grandfather have a house there, and we see Roman every time we go.

“I know Roman very well – I’m very cool with him. I was with him when he fought at Madison Square Garden, and he gave me a tracksuit. Every time I fight, he always gives me great advice – in the ring and out of the ring.”

Regarding his nickname, he said, “My nickname is a family tradition. My father had it first, and the next ‘Chocolatito’ was my uncle, Roman – he was the one that made it big, up in the sky!”


AMATEUR, PERSONAL BACKGROUND: José said, “I was born and raised in New York City, Harlem. My father is Nicaraguan and my mother is Dominican. I have two brothers and no sisters. My father, Martin Gonzalez, is a full-time boxing trainer. He used to box as an amateur – he represented Nicaragua in the Olympics. Roman ‘Chocolatito’ Gonzalez is my first cousin – my father and his father are brothers. Roman is the number-one pound-for-pound champion, and I want to be like him one day, follow his path. Another cousin, Christopher Gonzalez, is a boxer. One of my uncles was an Olympic coach for Nicaragua, but he died in April, 2016.

“I was five years old when I started boxing. My father brought me to the boxing gym, and I just started loving it from there. It’s a family tradition – it runs in the blood.

“I had 50 amateur fights, 40 wins and 10 losses. I was fighting in national tournaments when I only had 20 fights, and I was beating kids who had like, 200 fights.

“I’m naturally left-handed, I do everything left-handed. I live with my parents and I still go to school.”…

fight history

  • 2016

    On 12-2-16 in Philadelphia, PA, he won a 4 round unanimous decision against Tim Ibarra (4-3): the bout was on the undercard at 2300 Arena, and Jose dominated the fight; he consistently out-boxed and out-worked Ibarra, and won by scores of 40-36, 40-36, 39-37…

    On 8-27-16 in Fallon, NV, he won a 4 round unanimous decision against Gelacio Cruz (2-3-2): the bout was on the undercard at Churchhill County Fairgrounds; Jose consistently out-boxed and out-worked Cruz and dominated the fight; scored 40-36 on all three scorecards…

    On 8-6-16 in Goldsboro, NC, he won by TKO (1st round) against Jalik Smiles (debut): the scheduled 4-rounder was on the undercard at the Elite Martial Arts Academy; Jose overwhelmed Smiles in the 1st round, and he did not continue after the round…

    On 6-11-16 in New York he had a 4 round draw against Sean Acosta (0-2): the bout was on the undercard of the Vasily Lomachenko vs. Roman Martinez main event – both gave strong efforts, and it was fast-paced and exciting; scored 39-37 Gonzalez, 38-38, 38-38…

    On 5-13-16 in Raleigh, NC, he won by TKO (1st round, 2:52) against Michael Pridgen (0-1)…

    On 4-9-16 in Queens, NY, he won a 4 round unanimous decision against Jaxel Marrero (1-6-1): scored 39-37 on all three scorecards…

    He debuted at the age of 19 on 1-19-16 in Queens and won a 4 round unanimous decision against Marquis Pierce (1-7): scored 40-36, 40-36, 39-37…

  • 2017

    Fight by Fight – 2017 – in his last fight on 12-9-17 in New York, NY, he had a 6 round draw against Adan Gonzales (3-1-1): the bout was on the undercard of the Vasily Lomachenko vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux main event, and it was a good, close fight; both gave strong efforts and had several rallies; Jose consistently landed the sharper punches and many observers thought he deserved to win, but the judges scored 58-56 Gonzalez, 57-57, 57-57…

    On 6-30-17 in Atlantic City, NJ, he won a 6 round split decision against Guadalupe Arroyo (2-5): the bout was on the undercard of the Tyrone Brunson vs. Kermit Cintron main event; Arroyo pressed forward, but Jose consistently out-boxed and out-worked him; scored 59-55, 58-56 Gonzalez, 58-56 Arroyo…

    On 3-17-17 in New York he won a 6 round unanimous decision against Jhovany Collado (4-11-2): the bout on the undercard of the Michael Conlan vs. Tim Ibarra main event, and Jose dominated the fight; he consistently out-boxed and out-worked Collado, and scored a knockdown with a left hand to the body in the 1st round; he scored another knockdown with a left hand to the head in the 3rd, and won by shutout scores of 60-53 on all three scorecards…