Joseph Adorno

Weightclass: Lightweight

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Union City, New Jersey
Anibal Adorno (father), Robert Garcia (Boxing Writers Association of America “2012 Trainer of the Year;” former IBF jr. lightweight world champion)
Anibal Adorno, Robert Garcia

Joseph "Blessed Hands" Adorno

Just 18 years old – and finishing his senior year in high school – Joseph recently signed a promotional contract with Top Rank. A sensational prospect at 130 pounds, he is a former amateur standout.

He is co-managed and co-trained by his father, Anibal Adorno, and Robert Garcia, the Boxing Writers Association of America’s “2012 Trainer of the Year.”

Joseph has stayed very active with five fights in his first year as a pro, and has given very impressive performances.

In his last fight on November 21 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, he won by second-round TKO against Corben Page.’s Luis A. Cortes III reported from ringside [excerpts]: Top Rank’s junior lightweight prospect Joseph Adorno thrilled his hometown crowd by scoring the fifth stoppage victory of his young career in as many professional bouts.

Adorno has everything you want from a top-level prospect. His technique, speed and power are serious. His composure and instinct to finish, once he has his foe hurt are both real, in terms of quality.

Keep an eye out for the progression of his career in the following years. He may be ready for another level earlier than others. [End Cortes item] reported [excerpts]: Allentown resident and crowd favorite Joseph Adorno needed only 2 rounds to completely destroy Jahaziel Vazquez.

Coming into the 2nd round, Adorno pressed the action, dropping Vazquez with a right hand over the top. As the round progressed Adorno continued to stalk his opponent before unloading a barrage of punches in the final 10 seconds of the round, scoring a knockout with just 2 seconds left as his opponent laid motionless in Adorno’s own ring corner. Adorno kept his undefeated record and his knockout streak of 5 wins and 5 knockouts. [End item]

Co-manager and trainer Robert Garcia said, “My son, Robert Jr., told me about this kid. Some of my friends from San Antonio had seen him fight in the Junior Olympics and they told my son, ‘You’ve got to check out this kid, Joseph Adorno.’

“Most of the kids I manage and train are Mexican or Mexican-American, and Robert told me this kid is Puerto Rican. We’re not too familiar with their culture but I said, ‘Let’s check him out.’ Robert showed me some videos, and man, this kid’s got that Mexican style!

“I told Robert, ‘You’ve got to start reaching out to him and see if they want to meet us.’ The kid and his dad were very happy that we reached out to them. I was in San Antonio a few months ago and I met them there. I flew them in and met his mom and dad, and it started there. I’m Joseph’s co-manager and co-trainer with his dad.

“We brought him to my gym in Riverside and he sparred. He did really good. The Top Rank matchmakers, Bruce Trampler and Brad Goodman, saw Joseph spar and said that he looks like a young Miguel Cotto – you know, coming forward, side-to-side, with a beautiful left hook to the body. Man, that’s a good compliment!

“He’s got a bright future – he’s dedicated. His father is with him 24/7, and they’re humble, down-to-earth. The plan is for him to finish high school first. He’ll graduate in June. Once he graduates, we’ll do our training camps at my gym in Riverside, California.”

Joseph said, “I got to know Robert Garcia through Instagram. It was this last summer, around June, July. I post a lot of videos and stuff, like every day that I train. I guess Robert’s son seen it and was like, ‘Yo dad, look at this!’ They got on Instagram and started talking to me and we met up.

“I went to Robert’s gym and sparred. I was there for a week. At home, I train at the Allentown International Gym.

“I can do it all in the ring, but my main plan is to stay calm, use my jab and a lot of hard combinations. If I have to box, I box. If I have to go get the fight, I go get the fight.

“Robert Garcia is going to be in my corner with my dad. It’s going to be a great experience – something we’ve never had in the corner.

“They used to call me ‘Kid Sensation’ until I was 15. But now that I’m older, they changed my name – that’s when I started knocking people out. Now my name is ‘Blessed Hands.’ ”

AMATEUR, PERSONAL BACKGROUND: Joseph said, “I was born in Union City, New Jersey, but I was raised in Puerto Rico. I have four brothers and one sister. I’m the oldest, then it’s my little brother Jeremy – he’s 15, he boxes. Then my other little brother is 10, he boxes, too. His name is Jayion.

“My parents are from Puerto Rico and we moved back to San Juan when I was one year old. We lived there until I was 10. We lived in Manuel de Perez – it’s like, the little projects there. Then we moved to Allentown, Pennsylvania.

“I started boxing at six years old. It all started with my dad. He was an amateur boxer, on the Puerto Rico team and all that, and he had an accident. He injured his eye – it was a week before he was going to turn pro. He couldn’t work after he hurt his eye, so then he started training me and my little brothers. My dad is a full-time trainer now – he’s been full-time ever since he started training me. Me, being the oldest, I always took it more serious.

“I had 200 amateur fights – 178 wins and 22 losses. I had a lot of knockouts, too – I had 65.”…

fight history

  • 2017

    Fight by Fight – 2017 – in his last fight on 11-21-17 in Bethlehem, PA, he won by TKO (2nd round) against Corben Page (5-15-1): the scheduled 4-rounder was on the undercard at Sands Bethlehem Event Center, and Joseph quickly overpowered him; he scored two knockdowns in the 2nd round – the first with a right hand, the second with a series of punches that dropped Page, out cold, and the referee stopped the fight at 2:58…

    On 5-26-17 in Chicago, IL, he won by TKO (1st round) against David Quay (0-1-1): the scheduled 4-rounder was on the undercard at UIC Pavilion, and Joseph quickly overpowered him; he scored three knockdowns in the 1st round – the first and second with a series of punches, the third with left hook to the body – and the referee stopped the fight at 2:59…

    On 3-10-17 in Philadelphia, PA, he won by TKO (1st round) against Marco Ocano (1-0): the scheduled 4-rounder was on the undercard at 2300 Arena; Joseph staggered Ocano with a right hand in the 1st round, then rocked him with a series of unanswered punches and the referee stopped the fight at 0:45…

    On 2-3-17 in Philadelphia he won by knockout (1st round) against Jonathan Hernandez (0-3): the scheduled 4-rounder was on the undercard at SugarHouse Casino, and ended with a spectacular one-punch knockout; in the first exchange of the 1st round, Joseph scored a knockdown with a right hand that dropped Hernandez, face-first, out cold, and the referee stopped the fight without a count at 0:18…

    He debuted at the age of 17 on 12-2-16 in Philadelphia, PA, and won by TKO (1st round) against Guy Newman (0-1): the scheduled 4-rounder was on the undercard at 2300 Arena, and Joseph quickly overpowered him; he scored two knockdowns in the 1st round – both with left hook to the body-left hook to the head combinations – and the referee stopped the fight at 1:37…