Wednesday, May 5th 2010

Hammer Time: Garcia KOs San Marcos Fair Strength Machine

Aguascalientes, Mexico. (May 4, 2010) – Texas toughman ROBERTO “La Amenaza” GARCIA equaled the strength record of the San Marcos Fair today.  Garcia took four swings at the Tecate Test Your Strength Game, swinging a sledge hammer in front of hundreds of fans.  After registering scores of 96, 97 and 99, “The Amazing” Garcia wound up for the record breaker, scoring the year’s first-ever 100.  What followed was even more incredible.  The game literally had a seizer — shimmying and shaking before the screen went black.   

“The game gave the fairgoers a preview of what my man Roberto Garcia will be doing to Antonio Margarito on Saturday,” stated Eric Brown, who trains Garcia with Freddie Roach.  “When Roberto starts striking Margarito you’re going to see Margarito shimmy and shudder before he gets stopped cold too.  May 8 is going to be known as Sinko de Margarito!  Garcia rumbles with the three-time world welterweight champion Margarito this Saturday.  Margarito will be making his 2010 debut during Cinco de Mayo weekend, in a 10-round super welterweight rumble against Garcia, headlining Latin Fury 14.