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Chavez Unfiltered:

Chavez Unfiltered: "I Can Knock Out John Duddy"


(Editor's Note: On June 26, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. returns to the ring for the most important fight of his career. If he wins, Chavez will likely take one big step closer to a title shot. "Chavez Unfiltered" is a three-part interview series that presents Chavez's thoughts on a range of subjects in the lead up to his bout against John Duddy at San Antonio's Alomodome.)

In the final installment of our interview series with Chavez Jr., he talks about his strategy for beating Duddy.

"I think that Duddy is a strong fighter. I have to prepare myself 100 percent and arrive prepared because, if I fight as I have been fighting lately, how I fought in my last fight, I run the risk of John Duddy beating me.

"[Duddy] sometimes gets punched a lot. I could beat him; I could even knock him out, but I have to be well-prepared physically. If I am well-prepared 100 percent, I can knock out John Duddy. He is a good fighter -- he has a good jaw -- but I think I can knock him out. I have a punch that can hurt him. 

"[Duddy] has to worry...that he has a fighter that will do what it takes. I will not accept a loss or to not move forward in my career. I want to climb very high, and if I have to climb over John Duddy, well, I will climb over him."

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