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Chavez Unfiltered:

Chavez Unfiltered: "I Have Come Out a Bit From Behind My Father's Shadow"


(Editor's Note: On June 26, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. returns to the ring for the most important fight of his career. If he wins, Chavez will likely take one big step closer to a title shot. "Chavez Unfiltered" is a three-part interview series that presents Chavez's thoughts on a range of subjects in the lead up to his bout against John Duddy at San Antonio's Alomodome.)

In the second installment of our interview series, Chavez Jr. talks about living in the long shadow of his father, Mexico's greatest fighter, and the unfair criticism that often comes with, and as a result of, his familial lineage.

"I think I have come out a bit from behind my father's shadow. I will always be him, because he is my father and the best boxer that Mexico has had. And I am his son and sometimes I want to be another story and I want to be world champion, something that, well, I don't know, that hasn't been seen, you understand? My father has been a great boxer, so why can't I be?

"Sometimes I have seen negative comments about -- that I am fighting or making money off my father's name, and those things. And really, I don't pay any attention to them, because I know they are insincere comments. They aren't said from the heart -- just said in anger. Because really, I love boxing, and I box because I want to box. Of course, it's also a business for me. I can't give that up, but before anything else, first comes my reputation as a person because my life is boxing.. I live from boxing, people know me through boxing, so first it's boxing."

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