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Dan Rafael: Pacquiao's star power can't be denied

Dan Rafael: Pacquiao's star power can't be denied

03/26/2010 ...Sure, Clottey is known to those of us who follow boxing closely, but to get 700,000 buys -- not to mention a crowd of almost 51,000 (the third-largest for a fight in the United States in about a half-century) -- you need more than just Fight Freaks tuning in. You need casual fans.

Don't forget these three facts either:

1. The fight achieved the numbers it did even though from announcement to fight night there were barely two months to promote the bout. Most HBO PPV fights are promoted using at least a three-month window.

2. There was no "24/7" series on HBO building up the fight for four weeks like there has been in recent years for bouts involving the sport's biggest stars.

3. Neither participant in the bout was American.

And get this: According to HBO and Top Rank promoter Bob Arum, the PPV total will rise, like most do, once all the buys are officially accounted for. This one could increase another 25,000 or more.

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