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"Every Single Fight Looks Like It Has the Potential of Being a War," Says Promoter Terry Lane


During our first conversation with Reno, Nevada-based promoter Terry Lane, we unpacked the historical significance of this weekend--namely, the racially charged 1910 brawl between Jack Johnson and Jim Jefferies. And in the second, we touched on Lane's background in the fight game, as well as the impact his father, legendary referee Mills Lane, had on career trajectory.

For the third and final installment of our interview series with Lane, we got down to the nitty-gritty: the July 3 fight card featuring Ulises Solis and Mark Melligen. Here, Lane--who, along with his younger brother, Tommy, and their partner Richard Silverman host the series "Reno Xtreme Fights" at the Grand Sierra Resort--reveals what he's looking forward to seeing on the July 3 card and making boxing history of his own.

What's got you excited about this card? What are you looking forward to seeing?

I'm looking forward to seeing, basically, the different groups of fight fans coming out. We have Joey Gilbert--Joey is a Catholic guy. He was born in Chicago; he has a Jewish step-father. You have Melligen, who's a Filipino. I'm looking forward to seeing his fans come out. And then, obviously, Archie Solis, Eric Ortiz--the Mexican fans coming out. Just a wide array of different groups that'll be there, including just all of the great boxing writers and boxing people. That's what's getting me really excited about the fight. Not to mention every single fight looks like it has the potential of being a war. Tommy and I love putting on the types of shows that have great fight after great fight after great fight. We're boxing fans before we're promoters.

If you're a fighter stepping into the ring on Saturday, you're going to bring an extra amount of energy to this knowing that you're sort of on hallowed ground.

This card is so culturally diverse. I'm such a true believer that boxing broke all of the color barriers decades before Jackie Robinson integrated baseball. I think a lot of the fighters are recognizing that this man Jack Johnson helped pave the way for why boxing is a national, multi-cultural sport.

Your father has obviously been a part of so many major moments in recent boxing history. So, do you feel...that this is maybe your time to put your mark, in small way, on boxing history as well?

I'd like to think so, but this is really about, in some way, just acknowledging how far we've come in 100 years as a people, as a country. That's what it's about to me. I hope that maybe some people can look at what we're doing and say that we've contributed to boxing. But, you know, I'll never be my dad. If I could be one-eighth of the man that he was, then that would be smashing success.

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