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Freddie Roach on PacMan:

Freddie Roach on PacMan: "He is very unpredictable, and that is the key"


Grapevine, Texas--Seated on a chair inside the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center near the ring where his protégé, Manny Pacquiao, would later hold an impressive open work-out, trainer Freddie Roach, the swami behind many a champion fighter, talked with a clutch of reporters about a range of topics, including his and Pacquiao's relationship, the role defense plays in boxing, and what makes Pacquiao so dangerous.

Below are some of Roach's observations:

On the evolution of his and Pacquiao's dynamic: "We work together. It's not trainer-teacher anymore. It's a 50-50 thing now."

On developing Pacquiao into a two-handed fighter: "I started changing him a little bit after he lost to [Erik] Morales, because he was just using his one-hand. And I wasn't gonna be satisfied until he was equal with both hands."

On combating Joshua Clottey's toughness: "I don't really think size wins fights. I think skill does. He might be a little stronger inside, he might hit a little harder, but I think our speed will nullify that."

On Clottey's renowned defensive skills: "Defense doesn't win fights."

On combating Clottey's style: "If you throw a combination at him, he'll wait for you to finish a combination, then he'll throw back. If you stand in front of him, you're an idiot. We're not gonna do that. He's not gonna be able to find us."

On Clottey's strengths: "His best punch is the upper-cut, and his second-best punch is the head-butt. We're not gonna go in there. We're gonna fight him at distance."

On the prospect of Clottey throwing more punches than usual: "It's hard to change. But if he's trying to improve it, that would be something I would teach him also. Then we'd have to deal with that."

On preparing for a fight: "If you can, like, watch tape and take advantage of it--if you don't do that, you're either lying or you're an idiot."

On Pacquiao's quickness: "You can see speed, but you don't really know until you get in there, of course."

On Pacquiao's main asset as a fighter: "He is very unpredictable, and that is the key to what we do. 'Cause you don't know when he's coming or going. And the thing is, you know what? He doesn't know, either. He's not designed like that. He'll break you at the right moment when he sees you open. It's more instinct than training, actually."

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