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Margarito Unfiltered:

Margarito Unfiltered: "He Is Happy with Me"


(Editor's Note: On May 8, Antonio "The Tijuana Tornado" Margarito returns to the ring for the first time in more than a year to fight Roberto Garcia. "Margarito Unfiltered" is a five-part interview series that presents Margarito's thoughts on a range of subjects in the lead up to the former champ's comeback bout in Aguascalientes. Mexico.)

Former world champion turned trainer Robert Garica was at the weigh-ins the day before Manny Pacquiao's historic triumph over Miguel Cotto last year in Las Vegas, when Antonio Magarito's manager approached him and asked: "Are you ready for Antonio Margarito?" Garcia recalled. He went on: "[Margarito's manager] says, 'I wanna send him to box and train with you.' I'm like, Hey, it would be an honor to have somebody like Antonio Margarito train with me. And that was it."

In the third installment of's interview series with Margarito, the three-time world champion talks about his relationship with Garcia (who replaced Margarito's previous trainer following the Shane Mosely bout in 2009).

"I only knew Roberto through television. The person who presented him to me was my manager. I was going to fight, if everyone remembers, the same day as Pacquiao on the 13th of March. The fight wasn't held. I met them, I liked how they worked. But that is how we met. My manager introduced us.  

"I...have told Robert that this is a book that never ends. He has been correcting many errors. He focuses a lot on my mistakes. He is down there looking at what I do--that I come out with my hands too low, too high, that I open myself up when I go to hit. Each moment he is reminding me of my own faults.

"All coaches have a different character, but what I like about [Garcia] is that he tells you everything in a calm way.  He stops you and says you are making this mistake--try to correct it or lift your hands here. He tells calmly and stops you to tell you where your mistake is.  

"He is happy with me, and I am happy with [him]. And the difference will be noticed."

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