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Margarito Unfiltered:

Margarito Unfiltered: "We Are Ready"


(Editor's Note: On May 8, Antonio "The Tijuana Tornado" Margarito returns to the ring for the first time in more than a year to fight Roberto Garcia. "Margarito Unfiltered" is a five-part interview series that presents Margarito's thoughts on a range of subjects in the lead up to the former champ's comeback bout in Aguascalientes. Mexico.)

While seated on the sidelines for more than a year, Antonio Margarito nevertheless continued to train with the same ferocity and level of commitment he did while active in boxing. In this second of five interviews, Margarito talks about his training regimen.

"I was inactive a year, more than a year, but I have always been in the gym. I always try to stay in shape. Why?  Because I am still hungry to be champion again. I haven't yet become bored of boxing. I love it. And I am going to show that I don't underestimate my rival.

"Since I was a little boy my father would say to me, 'You prepare yourself 100 percent.' Don't be confident about any fighter, and really, I have never been too confident with any [opponent].

"[Critics charge that] 'Margarito is not the same.' But I am going to show that we are ready. I was in the gym for a year. Why? Because this is what I like to do; because I am hungry to do more things. That's what I am going to show on the 8th of May." 

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