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Pacquiao Makes History Again!

Pacquiao Makes History Again!

05/11/2010 In boxing, winning is everything. In politics, it's just the beginning.

The first pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao knows all too well, as it's the remarkable seven titles he's landed in seven divisions that have bestowed upon him "Fighter of the Decade," among other accolades. The second, well, he'll be learning soon enough, as PacMan has landed a new title in his native Philippines, where the term "reverence" only begins to describe his larger-than-life stature there: Congressman.

Pacquiao had run previously and lost, but the former street kid turned boxing superstar has achieved yet another potential history-making feat. According to a blog post on USA Today, his election will make him the first boxer to hold national political office. Wow.

Here's a round-up of what major news outlets have been saying about Pacquiao's election:

"'It's a landslide!' an ecstatic Pacquiao, clad in jeans, sneakers and a Lacoste polo shirt, said excitedly 90 minutes after the polls closed nationwide Monday at 7 p.m., marking the conclusion of an electronic voting process that was surprisingly smooth despite scattered reports of violent uprisings, random attacks and at least six killings during the final days of voting," writes Nancy Gay at Boxing Fanhouse.

"If you don't like Manny Pacquiao, then you haven't got a pulse. I don't care if you don't like him as a boxer, but as a human being he's one of a kind. At a time when most young men with millions of dollars are squandering their money on big houses, gaudy jewelry, loose women, and flashy cars, Manny Pacquiao is entering politics? That's right!," declares Joe Oneill at the Bleacher Report.

And, according to an Agence France-Presse report posted at Filipino news site, the "unofficial results...showed  Pacquiao delivering a knockout punch, winning double the number of votes for his rival in a seat in the southern province of Sarangani."

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