latest news "Todd DuBoef and the Future of Boxing"


Thomas Hauser writes:

"There were whispers when Todd DuBoef started work at Top Rank in 1993.

"'Todd is a spoiled rich kid . . . Todd is Bob Arum's valet . . . The only reason Todd has a job at Top Rank is that Arum married Todd's mother.'

"That was then.

"Seventeen years later, DuBoef is recognized throughout the boxing industry as energetic, hard-working, and smart. He understands the economics of the sweet science and its interaction with the new media as well as anyone. Over the next decade, he might be the most important person in boxing. Not the most powerful, but the most important. If he isn't already.

"'Anyone who says that Todd teethed on a silver spoon is missing the point,' Jim Lampley states. 'He's passionate about his vision. He's a formidable intellect. You underestimate Todd at your own peril. If anyone can lead a revival of the boxing business in the United States, he's the one.'

"DuBoef was born on August 18, 1967. He grew up in Las Vegas before attending prep school on the east coast; first at Eaglebrook in Deerfield, Massachusetts; then at The Loomis Chaffee School in Windsor, Connecticut. That was followed by four years at Trinity College in Hartford, six miles from Loomis Chaffee."

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