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Video: Q&A with Legendary Trainer Emmanuel Steward

Video: Q&A with Legendary Trainer Emmanuel Steward


Legendary trainer Emmanuel Steward has helped prepare some of the world's best fighters, including Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis. He also calls it like he sees it. So, when Steward speaks highly of a fighter's ability, you know it's more than hype. That's why Steward's statements about his newest big-name pupil, Miguel Cotto, are so crucial to understanding what may happen when Cotto clashes with super welterweight champ Yuri Foreman June 5 at Yankee Stadium.

According to a Miami Herald article, Steward "praised Cotto's conditioning and boxing skills during their recent training camp in Tampa." (Click on the link above labeled "Miguel Cotto Training" to view photos of Cotto and Steward working together.) Nevertheless, Steward knows that Foreman is no slouch. Indeed, in the video interview with Top Rank below, he expressed a high regard for the first Israeli world champ's speed, among other abilities. It's this balanced view and nuanced understanding -- gleaned from a lifetime's worth of experience -- that makes the Q&A below a must-see for all fights fans. 

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