latest news "Pavlik 101: Brit Here to Study City and Its Champ"


Writes Natalie Lariccia: "It was a lifelong love of boxing and a fascination with champion Kelly Pavlik that initially introduced James Rhodes to Youngstown.

But through his curiosity, research and travels, the 31-year-old Manchester, England, native also discovered the similarities between Youngstown and one of his favorite sports.

It's a city that's been battered, beaten and knocked down more than a few times. But it has spirit, character and a rich history, and some of the most generous, humorous and welcoming people that he says he's ever met.

And that's one of the reasons why Rhodes has chosen to take a closer look at Youngstown, Pavlik and the city's South Side as part of his studies as Simon Research Fellow at the University of Manchester.

'The history of Youngstown is just fascinating to me. It was just a matter of decades ago, when we [Youngstown] were one of the biggest steel producers in America. It's indicative to what's happened to a lot of America - especially the Rust Belt,' Rhodes said."

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Pavlik defends his title against Sergio Martinez April 17.

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