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"We've Shown that Reno Can be a Great Fight Town," Says Promoter Terry Lane


In the first installment of our interview with Terry Lane, of Let's Get It On Promotions, we discussed the historical context for this weekend's 100-year anniversary celebration of the legendary 1910 bout in Reno, Nevada between Jack Johnson and Jim Jefferies. It's a celebration that includes a special fight card Saturday, July 3 at the same venue where Lane and his partner Richard Silverman host their series "Reno Xtreme Fights": the Grand Sierra Resort.

For the second installment of our three-part Q&A series, we turn our attention to Lane's personal history and hometown. Here, Lane dishes on his legendary father Mills Lane, why Reno is a great fight town, and his and his younger brother--and business partner--Tommy's love of boxing lore.

So what prompted you to decide that boxing is something that you want to devote your life to?

Ever since coming out of the womb, we've been around boxing because of my dad. My dad truly had a passion for boxing. The whole boxing community is like a dysfunctional family. When my dad had a stroke, the people who were there to show their support was the boxing community.

So, we just grew up in that community, and it's always been very close to our family. Ever since I can remember, we'd be watching old fight films. So, I guess you could say the bug bit me really early. When we made the decision to actually get into the business side of boxing, it was when I was in college. My brother and I just sat down and were like, What do you want to do with your life? We love boxing; we're boxing fans; so we gave it a crack. And after our first couple of shows were successful, we just kept it going.

How did you and Let's Get It On Promotions come to be involved with the [July 3] event?

We got started doing shows about three years ago after we took over Let's Get It On Promotions from my dad. My dad started it in the late '90s. Then he had a stroke in 2002, which halted the progression of Let's Get It On Promotions. And when I graduated college, we started to formulate and take it over.

But, like I said, being born and raised in Reno, I always knew there was going to be an event. We didn't know that we'd be doing anything. And so, [at the] beginning of January 2009, some people asked us to put something together, and we were invited in to be the promoters of record on a fight card. Since then, it worked out that we're doing most of everything now. But it's an honor to be doing it.

Is something that you guys are gonna try and capitalize on moving forward, not only to benefit your company but to benefit the sport of boxing?

This event is drawing attention to Reno, which has historically been one of the greatest fight towns. So, I hope that that draws attention to Reno [and], obviously, our business to show what we're doing, what we're all about, that we care about the history of boxing, and care about this event. It moves us forward and maybe gives us a boost and draws attention to our company as well.

Do you hope to position Reno as a fight town once again?

Yes, I think that in light of what we've done the last couple of years, we've shown that Reno can be a great fight town--not the level of maybe a New York or a Las Vegas. But there's just great fight fans here. If you give them the right fights, then they'll come out. And I think Reno can be a great moderately sized fight town.

It has everything that Vegas does. It has the splash. It has the all-hours attitude. So, it would seem to be the kind of town that would welcome the spectacle of boxing.

All of the elements are here. And we are so close in proximity to the Bay Area and Sacramento. It's still the Wild West. It's still got the casinos and the libertarian attitude. Everything is here in place. I think it was just a matter of someone putting it together. We are local promoters. There really hasn't ever been a regular local promoter. That's what we are.

Check back tomorrow for the third and final segment of our interview with Terry Lane.

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