Interview: Rios & Garcia

Brandon Rios & trainer Robert Garcia discuss getting back to basics for Rios-Chaves Aug. 2 at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.

  • Interview: Valdez

    Interview: Valdez
    Two-time Olympian Oscar Valdez on fighting at The Forum, staying busy & admiring Marquez.
  • Team Alvarado

    Team Alvarado
    Crystina Poncher discusses with Mike Alvarado & trainer Henry Delgado the May 17 Juan Manuel Marquez fight.
  • Tim Bradley: TV Host

    Tim Bradley: TV Host
    Crystina Poncher chats with her special co-host for Marquez-Alvarado fight week... Tim Bradley Jr.
  • Media Day

    Media Day
    Juan Manuel Marquez & Mike Alvarado stopped by the Azteca Boxing Gym in Bell, Calif. to chat with Crystina Poncher.
  • Hey Harold!: The Forum

    Hey Harold!: The Forum
    HBO's Harold Lederman discusses the L.A. Forum's history, where Marquez-Alvarado happens May 17.
  • Hey Harold!: Marquez

    Hey Harold!: Marquez
    HBO Boxing's Harold Lederman discusses Juan Manuel Marquez’s motivation for May 17 w/Mike Alvarado.
  • Media Call: Marquez vs Alvarado

    Media Call: Marquez vs Alvarado
    Listen to an in-depth conversation between Juan Manuel Marquez, Mike Alvarado & the international press.
  • Hey Harold!: Alvarado

    Hey Harold!: Alvarado
    HBO Boxing's Harold Lederman discusses Mike Alvarado’s fighting style.
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