Casey Ramos

Weightclass: Super Featherweight

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Austin, Texas
John Ramos
Rick Ramos

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Casey "The Wizard" Ramos

At the age of 29, Casey is an 11-year pro – he made his debut at 17. A contender at 130 pounds, he was an amateur standout before his debut.

He stayed active in the ring with three fights in 2014, two in 2015, three in 2016, and one in 2017. He has made good progress and advanced to 10-round status.

In his last fight on April 28, 2017, in Burbank, California, Casey won a 10-round unanimous decision against former super featherweight world title challenger Miguel Beltran Jr.’s Francisco Salazar reported from ringside [excerpts]: Casey Ramos bounced back from a defeat in his last bout, winning a hard-fought unanimous decision over 10 rounds over Miguel Beltran.

Beltran was the busier fighter of the two during the first half of the fight. The action opened up during the middle rounds, with both fighters providing entertaining exchanges for those in attendance at Marriott Convention Center.

Having to deal with a cut since round five, Ramos increased his punch output during the final three rounds of the fight, scoring with left hooks and the occasional right hand to the head of Beltran.

Scores were 96-94, 96-94, and 97-93 in favor of Ramos. [End Salazar item]

Casey’s only loss came in his previous fight on November 4, 2016, in Las Vegas, a ninth-round technical decision against Andy Vences. It was a good, close fight between two talented, upcoming contenders, but was stopped on cuts.

Manager-uncle John Ramos said, “Casey goes to a couple of gyms, but primarily Richard Lord’s gym in Austin. He gets some real good sparring there.

“With any opponent, Casey and the team don’t underestimate anybody. We recognize that all these fighters train hard, they all come to win. When they’re up against Casey, they recognize that they are in for a really good match.

“By the same token, Casey prepares very well. He takes every fight seriously and prepares to win.

“Casey got his college degree this year while fighting full-time – he really put in the work.”

On May 13, 2017, Casey graduated from St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas, with a bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics.

In an earlier interview, Casey said, “I’m pretty versatile in the ring – I can do a lot – but I’d say I’m mostly a boxer-puncher. We’re not going to underestimate anybody – we’re going to go in there as if he’s the best in the world. I’m not too much of a bragger or a boaster.

“They gave me that nickname at my first state tournament when I was eight years old. My whole team, we all made it to state and everybody was losing. One of my coaches was like, ‘You know what, Casey? You’ve got to pull a hat-trick, work some magic, do something.’ I tried my best and I won the fight. I won the state title and ever since then, my coach has been calling me ‘The Wizard.’ ”

AMATEUR, PERSONAL BACKGROUND: Casey said, “I was born and raised in Austin. I have two brothers and one half-sister. My mother, she’s a community liaison for an elementary school, and my father, he cuts meat at HEB.

“There’s plenty of boxers in the family – pretty much if you were a boy in my family, you had about 20-plus amateur fights. My uncle was a professional, as well as my grandfather on my mother’s side. My father had about 30 amateur fights. Both of my brothers, they had at least, I’d say, 60-plus amateur fights.

“As you can see, I’ve been around boxing my whole life. It’s a family thing. I’ve been in the gym since I was six. I had my first fight when I was eight, and I won my first tournament when I was eight. Ever since then, I’ve just been fighting.

“I had 110 amateur fights – I was 95-15. Pretty much every year I was the dominant factor in the local, state and South Texas associations. I rarely lost in those tournaments. I was at least a five-time state champ. There’s no telling how many of those small tournaments that I won.

“I’m naturally right-handed.”…


2004 JUNIOR OLYMPIC INTERNATIONAL INVITATIONAL – Brownsville, Texas, 114 pounds – SILVER MEDALIST: in the semifinals on 7-6-04 he won by walkover against Adan Mares of Mexico; in the finals on 7-8-04 he lost a 21-10 decision against Gary Russell Jr. of Washington, D.C….

2004 U.S. NATIONAL JUNIOR OLYMPIC CHAMPIONSHIPS – Brownsville, Texas, 114 pounds: in his first fight on 6-22-04 he won a 28-10 decision against Cedric Benigno of Honolulu, Hi.; in the quarterfinals on 6-23-04 he lost a 13-11 decision against Ernie Garza of Saginaw, Mich….

  • 2005 South Texas Region 8 champion…
  • 2003, 2004 South Texas Boxing Association “Boxer of the Year”…


STRENGTHS: Has good skills, speed, and movement – at his best, he keeps a fast pace, out-boxes and out-works his opponents…had a strong amateur background…has a strong family boxing background…


PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 25 fights…162 total rounds…


KNOCKOUT PERCENTAGE: of total fights – 24 %…of wins – 25 %…

DISTANCE FIGHTS: 10 rounds – 1 (1-0)…9 rounds – 1 (0-1)…8 rounds – 10 (10-0)…

fight history

  • 2017

    In his last fight on 4-28-17 in Burbank, CA, he won a 10 round unanimous decision against former super featherweight world title challenger Miguel Beltran Jr. (31-5): the bout headlined at the Marriott Convention Center, and it was a good fight; Beltran started fast, outworked Casey in the early rounds, and Casey was cut over his right eye in the 5th round; but Casey stepped up his pace in the second half of the fight – he rallied in the middle rounds, out-boxed and outworked Beltran, and finished the fight strongly; scored 96-94, 96-94 97-93.

  • 2016

    On 11-4-16 in Las Vegas, NV, he lost a technical decision (9th round) against Andy Vences (16-0): the scheduled 10-rounder headlined at Treasure Island Casino, and it was a good, close fight; Casey boxed and moved well, and Vences pressed forward and landed the harder punches; Vences bloodied Casey’s nose in the 7th round, and Casey was cut over his left eye by a clash of heads in the 8th; the cut worsened after another clash of heads in the 9th round – the fight was stopped on the injury, the 9th round was scored, and the fight went to the scorecards; Vences led by scores of 87-84, 88-83, 86-85.

    On 7-16-16 in Lancaster, CA, he won by knockout (5th round) against Hardy Paredes (18-13): the scheduled 8-rounder headlined at the Pioneer Event Center; Paredes was credited with a knockdown in the 2nd round after a cuffing right hand behind the neck; but Casey came back and scored a knockdown with a right hand in the 3rd; Casey dominated the fight after that – he rocked Paredes repeatedly, Paredes’ corner threw in the towel early in the 5th round, and the referee stopped the fight at 0:58.

    On 3-12-16 in Burbank, CA, he won an 8 round technical decision against Jonathan Perez (35-13): the scheduled 10-rounder headlined at the Marriott Convention Center – it drew a capacity crowd and was a good action fight; Perez pressed forward and gave a good effort, but Casey consistently outboxed and outworked him, scored a knockdown with a left hook in the 2nd round, and dominated the fight; Casey was cut over his right eye by a clash of heads in the 4th round, but he continued to box well and score with sharp combinations; the cut worsened as the rounds progressed, and the referee stopped the fight on the cut at the end of the 8th round and went to the scorecards – Casey led by shutout scores of 80-71 on all three scorecards…

  • 2015

    On 11-20-15 in Las Vegas, NV, he won an 8 round unanimous decision against Adones Aguelo (24-12-2): the bout was on the undercard of the Gilberto Ramirez-Gevorg Khatchikian main event, and Casey dominated the fight; he consistently outboxed and outworked Aguelo, and won by shutout scores of 80-72 on all three scorecards.

    On 8-1-15 in Frisco, TX, he won an 8 round unanimous decision against Daniel Evangelista (17-5-1): the bout was co-featured at Dr. Pepper Arena – it was fast-paced and exciting, and stole the show; Casey consistently outboxed and outworked Evangelista, and scored with combinations to the head and body; Casey staggered him with a right hand in the 7th round, and won by scores of 80-72 on all three scorecards.