Genesis Servania

Weightclass: Featherweight

  • 32wins

  • 1losses

  • 0draws

  • 15kos

Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Naoyuki Kashimi
Mark Gil Melligen

Genesis "Kashimi" Servania

At the age of 26, Genesis is a nine-year pro. A contender at 126 pounds, he moved up from the super bantamweight division in April, 2017.

He is a native of the Philippines and was based in his homeland for the first six years and 26 fights of his pro career, but relocated to Japan in 2015 and now fights out of the Kashimi Gym in Kanazawa.

Genesis has fought 24 times in his native Philippines, four times in Japan, and one time each in China, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

He made his United States debut on September 22, 2017, in Tucson, Arizona, and challenged WBO featherweight world champion Oscar Valdez – Valdez won a 12-round unanimous decision, but Genesis gave a very strong effort in a fast-paced, exciting fight, and proved himself as a world-class talent.’s Dan Rafael reported [excerpts]: Nobody really knew much about Servania going into the fight, but they know him now after he gave Valdez a very tough battle in a terrific fight that headlined a Top Rank ESPN card. Valdez, a two-time Mexican Olympian, was returning to fight in the city where he spent several years of his childhood, and he gave the fans what they wanted as he retained his title for the third time.

It was an all-out slugfest in which Servania dropped a wide-open Valdez in the fourth round with a right hand and then went down when Valdez ripped him with an overhand left in the fifth round.

They traded back and forth – including in the sensational 12th round, a round of the year candidate – but the difference was Valdez’s hard left hand and the fact that he was the busier fighter and landed far more punches overall. [End Rafael item]

Genesis said through an interpreter, “I’m an aggressive fighter. Mark Gil Melligen has been my trainer for about two years now. He’s the reason I moved to Japan. Mark was in Kanazawa boxing out of Kashimi Boxing Gym, and he told me about Japan. I wanted to go and train and box together with him there.” [note: Melligen, also a native of Bacolod City, Philippines, is a professional super featherweight who first fought in Japan in 2009 and relocated to Kanazawa in 2013]

Regarding his nickname, Genesis said, ” ‘Azukal’ is my old nickname – I don’t use it anymore. My current nickname is ‘Kashimi,’ which is the name of the gym I fight out of in Kanazawa, Japan.”

AMATEUR, PERSONAL BACKGROUND: Genesis said through an interpreter, “I was born in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. I have five brothers and two sisters. My parents’ business is buying and selling rice. Two of my brothers are professional boxers and one of my sisters was an amateur boxer. My father was also an amateur boxer when he was younger. [note: brother Rolando Servania is a professional super flyweight with a record of 6-0, 2 KOs – his last fight was in January, 2014; Jake Servania is a retired former light flyweight with a record of 5-1-1, 1 KO – his last fight was in February, 2010]

“I started boxing when I was 15. My father told me to start boxing. I was scared and didn’t want to, but he forced me to box. My trainer when I started was the father of my trainer now, Mark Gil Melligen.

“I had 25 amateur fights, with 23 wins and 2 losses. I won two medals at the All-Philippines Junior Championships, one gold and one silver.

“I’m naturally right-handed.”…Genesis is single and has no children…

From The Ring, by Ryan Songalia [May 24, 2013 – excerpts]: Genesis Servania has already accomplished his initial goal to help his family. The junior featherweight prospect from Bacolod City, Philippines has long been the breadwinner of his family, where he is one of five children raised by his parents.

Servania has reached this level of success purely through his hard work, a trait that was instilled in him as a child.

Servania grew up in a home with no running water, and it was Genesis who was often charged with the responsibility of fetching water every morning from a public pump a kilometer away. Once he returned, he’d leave once again to gather firewood on the outskirts of town so the family could cook their meals.

His father found it difficult to find work because he was a convicted felon, so Genesis’ mother would support the family of seven by herself. Every morning, she would head to the market, purchase two buckets of fish and walk around the city until all the fish was sold.

To help his family, Genesis dropped out of high school at 15 to work as a tricycle driver. A tricycle is a motorcycle equipped with a sidecar which passengers can ride in for a fare.

Two of Genesis’ brothers have also followed him into the professional boxing field. [End Songalia item]

STRENGTHS: Has an aggressive style, good skills and movement…at his best, he pressures his opponents, out-works them, and wears them down…is always in top condition…

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 31 fights…221 total rounds…12 world championship rounds…


KNOCKOUT PERCENTAGE: of total fights – 41 %…of wins – 43 %…

DISTANCE FIGHTS: 12 rounds – 5 (4-1)…10 rounds – 6 (6-0)…

fight history

  • 2017

    In his last fight on 12-17-17 in Kanazawa, JAP, he won by knockout (1st round) against Kittiwat Sirichotchayakun (0-1): the scheduled 8-rounder was one of the featured fights at Sangyo Hall; Genesis scored a knockdown with a left hook to the body early in the 1st round that dropped Sirichotchayakun to all-fours, and he was counted out at 0:37…

    WBO F WORLD TITLE CHALLENGE – on 9-22-17 in Tucson, AZ, he lost a 12 round unanimous decision against defending champion Oscar Valdez (22-0): the bout headlined at the Convention Center, and it was fast-paced and exciting; Genesis constantly pressed forward, but Valdez started fast, landed the harder punches, and swept the first three rounds on all three scorecards; Genesis scored a knockdown with a right hand in the 4th round, but Valdez came back and scored a knockdown with a left hook in the 5th; Genesis rallied in the last seconds of the 6th round and swept the round; the following rounds were close and fast-paced, but Valdez pressed forward at times and boxed and moved at others – he swept the 7th, then won the 8th, 9th, and 10th rounds on two scorecards; the fast pace continued and there were tremendous exchanges in the late rounds, but Valdez swept the 11th and 12th, and won by scores of 116-110, 115-111, 117-109…

    WON VACANT WBO ASIA PACIFIC F TITLE – in his last fight on 4-29-17 in Kanazawa, JAP, he won by TKO (2nd round) against Ralph Jhon Lulu (12-1-2): the scheduled 12-rounder headlined at Sangyo Hall, and Genesis quickly overpowered him; he scored a knockdown in the 2nd round – Lulu got up, but Genesis rocked him with a series of punches and the referee stopped the fight at 2:40…

  • 2016

    On 9-11-16 in Kanazawa he won an 8 round unanimous decision against Alexander Espinoza (11-7-1): the bout was one of three featured 8-rounders at Sangyo Hall; Genesis dominated the fight and won by shutout scores of 80-71 on all three scorecards…

  • 2015

    On 12-31-15 in Nagoya, JAP, he won an 8 round unanimous decision against Hendrik Barongsay 29-23-3): the bout was one of the co-features at Aichi Prefectural Gym; Genesis dominated the fight and won by shutout scores of 80-72 on all three scorecards…

    3RD WBO INTER-CONTINENTAL JF TITLE DEFENSE – on 2-7-15 in Davao City, PH, he won a 12 round unanimous decision against Juan Luis Hernandez (17-3-1): the bout headlined at University of SouthEastern Philippines Gym, Barrio Obrero; Genesis dominated most of the fight, scored 118-110, 119-109, 117-111…