Kent Cruz

Weightclass: Super Lightweight

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Woonsocket, Rhode Island
Brian McIntyre
Ray Oliver

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Kent “The Puerto Rican Sensation” Cruz

At the age of 26, Kent is a five-year pro. A rising prospect at 140 pounds, he had a good amateur career before his debut.

Kent fought three times in 2016 and two times in 2017. He has had two fights scheduled for eight rounds, both of which went the full distance.

He recently signed a promotional contract with Top Rank.

In his last fight on April 28, 2018, in Philadelphia – his first with Top Rank – he had an eight-round draw against Mohamed Rodriguez.’s John DiSanto reported from ringside [excerpts]: In an eight round junior welterweight bout, Kent Cruz and Mexican Mohamed Rodriguez fought to a split decision draw. Both fighters punched away in workmanlike fashion, and when it was over I thought Cruz had the edge.

However, the scores of the three official judges had it dead-locked … scored 78-74 for Cruz, 77-75 for Rodriguez, and 76-76 even. [End DiSanto item]

In his post-fight interview, Kent said, “I thought I was the busier fighter. I thought I pulled it off. I needed the work. I needed the rounds, and it’s going to help me out later in my career.”

In an earlier interview, Kent said, “I train at the same place where I started boxing in St. Louis – the Cherokee Recreation Center. I actually tried going to another gym for a year or two. As a fighter, you always feel like you outgrow your amateur coaches, so I thought, ‘Let me try going to another gym.’ I tried it out and I learned a few things, but it just wasn’t the same as being at home where you have kids that look up to you.

“I’ve been with my trainer, Ray Oliver, since I started as a professional – since probably my second or third pro fight.

“I’m a boxer-puncher. I really adapt to the style that’s in front of me. I like to bang a little bit – that’s the Puerto Rican in me. It’s just in our blood – we can’t help it – but then I’ve got to be smart and I get back on my defensive side and I move around and box.

“I’m excited to be a part of Top Rank, and I’m ready to show my talent to the world.

“I’m excited!”

AMATEUR, PERSONAL BACKGROUND: Kent said, “I was born in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. From my mother’s side, I’ve got two brothers and one sister. From my father’s side, I’ve got three sisters and one brother. I was 11 years old when my family moved to St. Louis. Both of my parents were born in Puerto Rico. My mother is a Spanish teacher, and I don’t really know too much about my father. My parents aren’t together anymore. There were a few amateur boxers on my father’s side, but I’m the only professional fighter. My dad never boxed, but he always told me that was his dream when he was younger. When I was in Rhode Island, my mother always told me she would sign me up at a gym, but she was never in a financial position where she could do it.

“I always watched boxing when I was younger, like Felix Trinidad. My family would have parties whenever he fought. I liked the Rocky movies, too.

“I was 11 years old when I first went to the gym, the Cherokee Recreation Center in St. Louis. I was playing in a park and he told my mom that there was a gym around there. We went out there, and I saw other kids hitting the bags and I was like, ‘I need to sign up.’ It was free, so I enrolled and I stuck to it ever since.

“I had around 96 amateur fights. I probably won about 84 with 11 losses.

“I’m naturally right-handed. I’m engaged at the moment and I have a son, Kent Jr. He’s six years old.”…


2013 U.S. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS – Spokane, Washington, 141 pounds/with headgear: in the quarterfinals (his first fight) on 4-2-13 he won a 3-0 decision against Tavarus Roberts; in the semifinals on 4-4-13 he lost a 2-0 decision against Robert O’Quinn

2012 NATIONAL GOLDEN GLOVES CHAMPIONSHIPS – Mesquite, Nevada, 152 pounds: in his first fight on 5-1-12 he lost a decision against DeAndre Harris

2011 U.S. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS – Colorado Springs, Colorado, 141 pounds: in his first fight on 6-20-11 he lost a 13-8 decision against Gary Allen Russell

2010 UNDER-19 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS – Cincinnati, Ohio, 141 pounds – BRONZE MEDALIST: in the quarterfinals (his first fight) on 2-10-10 he won a 13-6 decision against Ryan Karl; in the semifinals on 2-11-10 he lost a 13-5 decision against George Rincon

2009 NATIONAL PAL CHAMPIONSHIPS – San Antonio Texas, 145 pounds/senior division: in his first fight on 10-23-09 he lost an 11-9 decision against Martin Luganas

2009 U.S. JUNIOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS – Denver, Colorado, 138 pounds: in his first fight on 6-8-09 he lost a 20-3 decision against Khaled Almousa

STRENGTHS: Has good skills and movement…had good punching power…had a good amateur background…

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 15 fights…52 total rounds…


KNOCKOUT PERCENTAGE: of total fights – 60 %…of wins – 64 %…

DISTANCE FIGHTS: 8 rounds – 2 (1-0-1)…6 rounds – 2 (2-0)…

fight history

  • 2018

    In his last fight on 4-28-18 in Philadelphia, PA, he had an 8 round draw against Mohamed Rodriguez (11-5): the bout was on the undercard of the Isaac Dogboe vs. Jessie Magdaleno main event; it was a good, close fight, but Kent generally out-worked Rodriguez; many ringsiders thought Kent deserved to win, but the judges scored 78-74 Cruz, 77-75 Rodriguez, 76-76…

  • 2017

    On 10-21-17 in St. Louis, MO, he won by TKO (1st round, 2:50) against Erik Manriquez (6-1)…

    On 9-3-17 in Omaha, NB, he won by TKO (1st round, 1:26) against Yankton Southern (4-6)…

  • 2016

    On 11-5-16 in Fort Washington, MD, he won by TKO (4th round, 2:15) against Darius Ervin (3-0)…

    On 9-3-16 in San Antonio, TX, he won an 8 round unanimous decision against previously undefeated Rickey Edwards (11-0): Kent scored a knockdown in the 2nd round; scored 77-73, 77-73, 77-74…

    On 4-19-16 in Bethlehem, PA, he won a 6 round unanimous decision against Jerome Rodriguez (7-3-3): scored 59-55, 58-55, 58-55…