Friday, August 13th 2010

Flashback: Pacquiao vs. Hatton

(Veteran boxing photographer CHRIS FARINA has spent more than 20 years shooting Top Rank bouts. “Flashback” is a regular feature that showcases his most arresting images from years past and the story behind those images.)

Pictured: Ricky Hatton looks on as MANNY PACQUIAOaims a dart in a pub in Manchester, England.

The Facts:  Prior toPACQUIAO’S DRAMATIC KNOCK-OUT WIN OF HATTON early in the second round on May 2, 2009, in Las Vegas, the two fighters went on a press tour in Manchester. Among other events, Pacquiao and Hatton participated in a dart match in a rural pub. 

Farina’s Take: “It was just kind of surreal. We’re out in the countryside with the fog moving in. And we went down to this old pub with a thatched roof that was built in the 1860s. Across from the pub was this farm with cows and chickens. Eveybody’s in the pub drinking from these huge beer mugs, which must have been two feet tall. We were jam-packed in there. It was just a lot of fun, because Pacquiao and Hatton were like neck and neck. Pacquiao was concentrating so hard and taking his time. He was as serious about throwing darts as he was at boxing. It was a real competetive match, but I think Hatton beat him.”