Isaac Dogboe

Weightclass: Junior Featherweight

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Anyako, Ghana
Marwan Zahkem
Paul Dogboe

Isaac "Royal Storm" Dogboe

At the age of 23, Isaac is a four-year pro. The WBO interim junior featherweight world champion, he won the title in his last fight. Before his debut, he was an amateur standout who represented his native Ghana in the 2012 Olympic Games.

He is fighting in the United States for the first time in three years – he had four fights in California and one in Arizona in in 2014 and 2015. His last 11 fights have been in his native Ghana, and he has fought one time each in Switzerland and Northern Ireland.

Isaac stepped up in class of opposition in recent fights – he gave consistently impressive performances and scored his career-best wins. He has won his last three fights, and 9 of his last 11, by knockout.

In his last fight on January 6, 2018, in Accra, Ghana, he won the WBO interim junior featherweight world title by firth-round TKO against Cesar Juarez.’s Dan Rafael reported [excerpts]: In an all-action fight, Isaac Dogboe knocked out Cesar Juarez in the fifth round to win a vacant interim junior featherweight world title at the Bukom Boxing Arena in the first notable boxing match of 2018.

Fighting in front of a raucous hometown crowd, Dogboe dominated the bout against the most significant opponent of his career. He knocked Juarez down twice en route to the stoppage victory.

The fight opened with Juarez and Dogboe going right at each other in an action-packed round. With a little less than two minutes to go in the second round, Dogboe connected with a crackling left hook to Juarez’s chin and knocked him down. He beat the count but was a bit unsteady, and Dogboe spent most of the rest of the round pounding Juarez, who somehow finished it on his feet.

They continued to brawl at a fast pace, but it was Dogboe who was getting the better of the action against Juarez, who could not land anything significant.

In the fifth round, Dogboe landed another huge left hook on the chin that sent Juarez crashing to the mat on his backside. He beat the count and was not steady on his feet, which caused [the] referee to stop the fight at 2 minutes, 12 seconds. [End Rafael item]

In his post-fight interview, Isaac said, “Jessie Magdaleno, I’m coming for you, baby! I am coming for you, Jessie Magdaleno. I know you’re going to run, but guess what? The lion is here, the lion is around, the warrior from Africa!”

Isaac said that he had an eight-week training camp for this fight at Miguel’s Boxing Gym in Brixton, London. His sparring partners included Gameli Dogboe, Makafui Abotsi, and Josiah Dogboe.

Isaac describes his own style as, “Offensive, moves forward.”

He described Jessie Magdaleno simply as, “A great boxer.”

AMATEUR, PERSONAL BACKGROUND: Isaac said that he was born in Accra, Ghana, and has four brothers and one sister…his father and trainer, Paul Dogboe, is a former soldier in the British Army…one of Isaac’s brothers is an amateur boxer…

Isaac started boxing when he was 13 years old…he said, “My father’s policy of education and one sport for his children encouraged me to decide on boxing, as I was overlooked during football selection.

“I had 38 amateur fights, with 35 wins and 3 losses. I won Junior Novice tournaments and an ABA Senior Novice tournament, and I was the silver medalist at the AIBA Olympics Qualifier.”…

Isaac is also a student…he is single and has no children…

From, by Hadiza Nuhhu-Billa Quansah [Jan. 20, 2018 – excerpts]: Known in boxing circles as the “Royal Storm,” Dogboe credits his father, trainer and manager for his quick rise to the top of his career, taking his ring record to 18 victories in as many fights (including 12 knockouts).

The youngster’s rise to the top has come through a lot of sacrifice to the father who quit his job in the British army to invest in his son’s talent and dream.

“I have my father with me; he does everything in my favour. He works his time around me. When I started boxing, he did all the work while I concentrated on my studies and sport,” recalled the boxer….

“He’ll go to work at night, return at dawn and wake me up to go for a run, and then I prepare for school in the morning. When I’m back from school, we go to the park straight to train,” he said.

So strong is the boxer’s belief in his father’s abilities that he will never trade him for any big-name boxing trainer anywhere in the world.

He narrated how he agreed with his father that they should try using other trainers, but it did not work for them. “After all, it is said that if it doesn’t break you don’t have to change it,” Dogboe says proudly of their winning formula.

For Paul, whose ambition of becoming a professional was halted by his father who disapproved of his chosen path, Dogboe’s burgeoning career is nothing but a fulfilment of his failed dreams.

“Sometimes I say to my son, ‘If I wasn’t a superstar, it’s your time to achieve that,’ ” Paul said as he spoke fondly of his son with whom he has a very close relationship.

“We set goals and timelines for ourselves to be a champion and we’ve managed to achieve that within this time frame.

“What I couldn’t achieve as a failed boxer, I can instill in Isaac. And so far, things are falling into place.”

Dogboe advanced through the amateur ranks in England, winning his first Junior Novice Amateur Boxing Association tournament within his first year of boxing. He went on to win several Amateur Championships in the UK.

“I told him to give me four years of his life and I would ensure he goes to the Olympics, and this I did in less than three years. Indeed, he went for the Summer Olympic Games in London at age 17 in 2012 as the youngest participant.”

With this first target met, Paul set another goal for his son to become a world champion by age 25. Two years short of that benchmark, Dogboe is already close to becoming a legit world champion if he annexes the WBO title held by Magdaleno.

For instance, David Kotey “Poison” won Ghana’s first world title at the age of 28, Azumah Nelson claimed Ghana’s second world title when he was 26 years old. Nana Yaw Konadu became world champion at age 25, Ike Quartey was 25 years when he won Ghana’s fourth world title, and Alfred Kotey annexed Ghana’s fifth world title at age 26.

Others such as Joseph Agbeko won Ghana’s sixth world title when he was 27 years, and Joshua Clottey added his name to the list by winning Ghana’s seventh world title at age 31.

Even though they may be a generation apart, the Dogboes maintain a very strong bond, which helps Isaac to deal with challenges associated with adolescence and his chosen profession.

“My dad keeps reminding me that I have younger brothers who look up to me so I cannot afford to go wrong. When I’m doing something wrong, he’s there to advise me,” he pointed out.

“My dad and I, we talk about everything – from girls to dreams to… everything.

“It’s not an old school versus new school kind of thing,” he added.

Maintaining their kind of buddy-buddy relationship ensures open communication between the two and enables Paul to offer his son the appropriate counselling to keep him motivated with his feet on the ground.

“I teach him what girls can do to his career and to his money. He has to be taught all the stages of life – moral, physical, financial, spiritual, among others.

“He keeps me going because of his humility. He motivates me and I trust him so much that he would do the right thing even when I’m not around,” Paul added about the mutual respect that exists between the two.

The eloquent boxer admitted that combining academic work and boxing was not easy but he strived hard to complete his lessons in school.

“Usually, from school, I go to the park with my dad to train, and then return home afterwards to do my school work. One activity must not suffer. I believe in sacrifices so I manage my time carefully,” he indicated.

Young as he is, Dogboe does not allow his peers to distract him. “I concealed my boxing exploits from them for a while until one day, a mate of mine came to the classroom with a newspaper that had me in it. They were all amazed and happy, and the teacher who was having a lesson at that time made a photocopy of the news page and distributed it to all the students,” he said and laughed heartily.

Aside from being a trainer and manager to his son, Paul, who is Ghanaian/British, once served as a boxing coach and a physical instructor in the British Army. Until he left the army in 2016, he was also an electrical mechanical engineer in the Territorial Army of England.

He has trained many talented boxers such as Dillian Whyte and Dean Byrne, and worked with many Boxing Hall of Fame coaches such as John “Pops” Arthur, Jessie Reid Sr., Buddy McGirt and other coaches from Cuba and England.

The Dogboes are both members of the Church of Apostles Revelation Society (ARS), and this explains why hundreds of ARS members trooped to the boxing arena with their brass band to cheer one of their own. [End Quansah item]


2013 ENGLISH ABA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS – 132 pounds/elite division – GOLD MEDALIST: in the quarterfinals (his first fight) on 3-24-13 in Harlow, England, he won a 5-0 decision against Kieron Reading; in the semifinals on 4-6-13 in Grove Park, England, he won a 5-0 decision against Joe Yugi; in the finals on 4-20-13 in Houghton-le-Spring he won a 5-0 decision against Ryan Fillingham

2012 SENIOR NOVICE ABA CHAMPIONSHIPS – 125 pounds/Class B – GOLD MEDALIST: in the semifinals he defeated Eli Green; in the finals he defeated Cain Adams

2012 DUALS LONDON VS. DUBLIN – London, England, 123 pounds: on 10-1-12 he lost a decision against Declan Geraghty of Ireland…

2012 OLYMPIC GAMES – London, England, 123 pounds: in his first fight on 7-28-12 he lost a 10-9 decision against Satoshi Shimizu of Japan…

2012 DUALS GHANA VS. BENIN – Accra, Ghana, 123 pounds: in an extra bout on 3-6-12 he had a draw against Patrick Aryee of Ghana…

2012 Ghana vs. Gabon Duals – Accra, Ghana 123 pounds: in his only fight he had an 8-8 draw against Romeo Lemboumba of Gabon…

2012 AFRICAN OLYMPIC QUALIFIER – Casablanca, Morocco, 123 pounds – SILVER MEDALIST: in his first fight on 4-30-12 he won a 15-12 decision against Mohamed Bedir Farag Hassan of Egypt; in the quarterfinals on 5-2-12 he won a 19-9 decision against Emilian Patrick Polino of Tanzania; in the semifinals on 5-4-12 he won an 8-6 decision against Ayabonga Sonjica of South Africa; in the finals on 5-5-12 he had a 6-6 draw, but lost the tiebreaker against Aboubaker Seddik Lbida of Morocco…

2012 GHANIAN SELECTION MEETING – Accra, Ghana, 123 pounds: in his only fight he lost a decision against Jessie Lartey

2011 ENGLISH JUNIOR & YOUTH NATIONALS – Rochester, England, 119 pounds – SILVER MEDALIST: in the quarterfinals (his first fight) he defeated Harley Hodgetts; in the semifinals he defeated Coran Holden; in the finals on 5-22-11 he lost a 19-11 decision against Thomas Ward

STRENGTHS: Has good skills and movement…is experienced against good opposition…had a strong amateur background…

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 4 years, 8 months…18 fights…98 total rounds…5 interim world title rounds…



DISTANCE FIGHTS: 12 rounds – 2 (2-0)…10 rounds – 0…

fight history

  • 2018

    WON WBO INTERIM JF WORLD TITLE – In his last fight on 1-6-18 in Accra, GH, he won by TKO (5th round) against Cesar Juarez (20-5): the bout headlined at Bukom Boxing Arena, and Isaac dominated the fight; he scored a knockdown in the 2nd round and shut out Juarez on the scorecards; Isaac scored another knockdown in the 5th, and the referee stopped the fight at 2:12; after four rounds, Isaac led by scores of 50-44 on all three scorecards…

  • 2017

    1ST WBO INTERNATIONAL JF TITLE DEFENSE – on 7-22-17 in Accra he won by TKO (6th round, 3:00) against Javier Chacon (25-3-1)…

    2016 – WON VACANT WBO INTERNATIONAL JF TITLE – on 12-10-16 in Auckland, NZ, he won by TKO (7th round) against Julian Aristule (32-6): Isaac scored two knockdowns in the 7th round, and the referee stopped the fight at 1:15…

    3RD WBO AFRICA F TITLE DEFENSE, WBO VACANT ORIENTAL F TITLE – on 8-25-16 in Accra he won a 12 round unanimous decision against Neil Tabanao (13-1)…

    2ND WBO AFRICA F TITLE DEFENSE – on 6-18-16 in Accra he won by TKO (6th round) against previously undefeated Edward Kakembo (10-0)…

    1ST WBO AFRICA F TITLE DEFENSE – on 2-20-16 in Accra he won a 12 round unanimous decision against Michael Pappoe (13-2): scored 120-107 on all three scorecards…

  • 2015

    WON VACANT WBO AFRICA F TITLE – on 12-26-15 in Accra he won by TKO (7th round) against George Krampah (13-2): Isaac scored a knockdown in the 1st round and scored another knockdown in the 5th; Krampah did not continue after the 7th round…

    On 11-20-15 in Accra he won by TKO (1st round) against Joseph Adu (7-15)…

    WON VACANT WEST AFRICAN F TITLE – on 11-6-15 in Keta, GH, he won by TKO (3rd round) against John Commey (9-18)…

    On 10-24-15 in Accra he won by TKO (6th round) against Aminu Turkson (0-31)…

    On 9-12-15 in Accra he won by TKO (3rd round) against Raymond Ansah (8-12)…

    On 4-11-15 in Phoenix, AZ, he won a 6 round unanimous decision against Jazzma Hogue (3-7-1): scored 60-54 on all three scorecards…

    On 3-27-15 in Montebello, CA, he won by knockout (3rd round, 0:59) against Jonathan Alcantara (7-12-2)…

    On 1-23-13 in Montebello he won a 6 round unanimous decision against Alejandro Ochoa (5-9-2): scored 59-55, 59-55, 58-56…