Weight Class: Super Featherweight

Miguel Berchelt

38 Wins

3 Losses

0 Draws

34 KOs

Age: 30 Date of Birth: November 17, 1991
Height: 5'7" Birth Place: Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Reach: 71" Stance: orthodox

Miguel Berchelt News & Events

Miguel "El Alacran" Berchelt


At the age of 26 – with 27 coming 14 days after this fight – Miguel is an eight-year pro. The WBC super featherweight world champion, he won the title in January, 2017, and has made three title defenses.

He has an aggressive style and good punching power and makes exciting fights – 30 of his 34 wins have been by knockout.

Miguel has fought 32 times in his native Mexico and three times in the United States.

In his last fight on June 23 in Merida, Yucatan – his first fight in his hometown since March, 2016, and his first as a world champion – he won by third-round TKO against former WBA featherweight world champion Jonathan Barros.

ESPN.com’s Dan Rafael reported [excerpts]: Miguel Berchelt, bigger, faster and stronger, imposed himself on Jonathan Victor Barros in a one-sided, third-round knockout victory on Saturday night at the Poliforum Zamna in Berchelt’s adopted hometown of Merida, Mexico.

Berchelt applied relentless pressure to Barros, a former featherweight world titleholder, knocking him down three times to retain his 130-pound world title for the third time as his hometown crowd cheered wildly the ending of a fight streamed on ESPN+ in the United States.

Berchelt was in control all the way. Late in the second round, Berchelt caught Barros with a right-left combination along the ropes to score the first knockdown.

Berchelt continued to attack Barros in the third round. He nailed Barros with an overhand right about 45 seconds into the round for the second knockdown when Barros was forced to put both gloves on the mat to steady himself.

At that point Barros was in serious trouble as Berchelt swarmed him and began teeing off with a two-handed attack. Barros tried to hold on to keep from going down again, but moments later Berchelt unloaded a flurry of punches and he hit the deck for the third time under heavy fire.

Barros beat the count but his trainer came into the ring to save him as [the] referee waved off the fight at 1 minute, 53 seconds, though Barros protested the stoppage. [End Rafael iem]

During the build-up to the Mickey Roman fight, Miguel said through an interpreter, “I have never shied away from him. I fulfilled my previous commitments as a champion. We will simply face him and put Roman in his reality, back to where he should to be.

“Roman has spoken a lot and it is time to teach him a lesson of humility and respect. We are going to knock him out, to tear off his head. I only hope to meet in the ring, and there he will feel my power.”

In an earlier interview, Miguel said through an interpreter, “I’ve been working with my trainer, José Caballero, since after my first loss in 2014. I train at Gimnasio Caballero in Hermosillo, Sonora – it’s my trainer’s gym. I train here for all of my fights.

“I consider myself a puncher, but a puncher who knows how to box. I know how to move, smart – I think I’m in between a puncher and a technical boxer.

“I’m confident in my own ability to make a great fight.”

Regarding his nickname, Miguel said, “I moved to Merida a month before my pro debut. The guy that took me there was a matchmaker, kind of a scout, and he said, ‘I want to give you a nickname. How do you like Alacran?’ I thought it was okay, but I didn’t think too much about it. But when my grandmother passed away, she left me a little gold scorpion and I thought, ‘Yes, that is my nickname.” [note: Miguel’s Zodiac sign is Scorpio]

AMATEUR, PERSONAL BACKGROUND: Miguel said through an interpreter, “I was born and raised in Cancun, Quintana Roo. I have two sisters. We were raised by a single mother. She dedicates all of her time to the family. I’m the only boxer in my family.

“I was 15 years old when I started boxing. I saw Rodolfo ‘Rudy’ Lopez, the only world champion born in Quintana Roo. [note: former WBC featherweight world champion] I followed his career and I said, ‘One day I will be fighting on TV like him.’

“I had 68 amateur fights – 62 wins and 6 losses. I won a silver medal in the nationals in 2007, I won a bronze medal in the nationals in 2009, and I was a national champion in 2010. [note: results not currently available]

“I’m naturally right-handed. Technically, I’m not married, but I live with my girlfriend, Victoria Ramos. She’s like my wife. No children.”…

STRENGTHS: Has an aggressive style and good punching power…has good skills and movement…is experienced against very good opposition…had a good amateur career…

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 8 years…35 fights…128 total rounds…29 world championship rounds…


KNOCKOUT PERCENTAGE: of total fights – 86 %…of wins – 88 %…

DISTANCE FIGHTS: 12 rounds – 1 (1-0)…11 rounds – 1 (1-0)…10 rounds – 0…8 rounds – 0…6 rounds – 3 (3-0)…


  • WBC super featherweight world champion, 3 successful defenses…
  • Former WBO interim junior lightweight champion, 1 successful defense…
  • Former NABO junior lightweight champion…

Fight History

NC 37-1-1 Eleazar Valenzuela Nov. 2, 2019* NC 6 1:13 Berchelt declared the winner by TKO, officially ruled an NC as the event was not sanctioned by Mexico City Boxing Commission
Win 37-1 Jason Sosa Nov. 2, 2019* KO 4 2:56 Retained WBC super featherweight title
Win 36-1 Francisco Vargas May 11, 2019* RTD 6 3:00 Retained WBC super featherweight title
Win 35-1 Miguel Roman Nov. 3, 2018* TKO 9 2:58 Retained WBC super featherweight title
Win 34-1 Jonathan Victor Barros Jun. 23, 2018 TKO 3 1:53 Retained WBC super featherweight title
Win 33-1 Maxwell Awuku Feb. 10, 2018 TKO 3 2:46 Retained WBC super featherweight title
Win 32-1 Takashi Miura Jul. 15, 2017 UD 12 3:00 Retained WBC super featherweight title
Win 31-1 Francisco Vargas Jan. 28, 2017 KO 11 2:19 Won WBC super featherweight title
Win 30-1 Suriya Tatakhun Jul. 16, 2016 KO 4 2:59 Retained WBO interim super featherweight title
Win 29-1 George Jupp Mar. 12, 2016 TKO 6 1:55 Won WBO interim super featherweight title
Win 28-1 Rolando Giono Dec. 19, 2015 TKO 3 1:50
Win 27-1 Josue Bendana Sep. 26, 2015 TKO 5 1:34
Win 26-1 Sergio Puente Jun. 20, 2015 RTD 5 3:00
Win 25-1 Rene Gonzalez Mar. 28, 2015 RTD 5 3:00 Won vacant NABO super featherweight title
Win 24-1 Antonio Escalante Oct. 11, 2014 TKO 3 2:36
Win 23-1 Carlos Manuel Reyes Jul. 5, 2014 KO 4 2:54
Win 22-1 Armando Mariscal May 31, 2014 KO 3 2:28
Lose 21-1 Luis Eduardo Florez Mar. 15, 2014 TKO 1 1:39
Win 21-0 Omar Estrella Nov. 2, 2013 KO 5 2:51
Win 20-0 Cristobal Cruz Aug. 31, 2013 TKO 5 2:25
Win 19-0 Weng Haya Jun. 22, 2013 TKO 2 2:57
Win 18-0 Carlos Claudio Mar. 30, 2013* TKO 1 1:53
Win 17-0 Oliver Flores Nov. 9, 2012 KO 2 2:49 Retained WBC Youth Intercontinental super featherweight title
Win 16-0 Berman Sanchez Sep. 7, 2012 TKO 2 0:57 Won vacant WBC Youth Intercontinental super featherweight title
Win 15-0 Sergio Lopez Jul. 6, 2012 TKO 1 1:39
Win 14-0 Carlos Orozco May 19, 2012 UD 6 3:00
Win 13-0 Alberto Chuc Mar. 31, 2012 TKO 1 1:16
Win 12-0 Fernando Cruz Dec. 17, 2011 KO 3 2:50
Win 11-0 Cristian Palafox Nov. 26, 2011 UD 6 3:00
Win 10-0 Pablo Batres Oct. 29, 2011* TKO 5 3:00
Win 9-0 Miguel Angel Chi Sep. 10, 2011 DQ 5 2:17
Win 8-0 Israel Barron Aug. 20, 2011 TKO 2 3:00
Win 7-0 Ricardo Hernandez Jul. 16, 2011* TKO 2 2:07
Win 6-0 Freddy Hernandez Jun. 11, 2011 TKO 2 1:39
Win 5-0 Alfredo De los Santos Apr. 2, 2011 TKO 3 1:16
Win 4-0 Aaron Lopez Mejia Feb. 2, 2011 TKO 1 2:30
Win 3-0 Jonathan Quime Dec. 18, 2010 TKO 3 3:00
Win 2-0 Eduardo Arevalo Nov. 27, 2010 TKO 1 0:52
Win 1-0 Armin Chan Nov. 17, 2010 TKO 2 1:26
*Indicates Top Rank Promoted Event

Miguel Berchelt Q&A

When did you start boxing? What is your first memory in the sport?

15 years old. I won the National Boxing Championship for Mexico.

Which fighters do you pattern yourself after?

Juan Manuel Marquez, Sugar Ray Leaonard

Who are your favorite current or recent pro fighters?

Terence Crawford, Emanuel Navarrete

Do you have a hidden talent?


Do you have any superstitions or a pre-fight superstition?


Where do you want to be 5 years from now?

Retired and working as a professional

If I wasn’t a professional boxer, I would be …

Soccer Player

What or who is the biggest motivation in your life?

My family and to be the best