Sunday, December 4th 2016

Parker vs Ruiz: The matchmakers have their say on the WBO heavyweight title (Stuff)

Joseph Parker of Andy Ruiz? The matchmakers have their say on the WBO heavyweight title fight.

They’re the men who know the strengths and weaknesses of fighters, the styles that make contests, and the power of the cornermen. So who better to run the rule over the WBO heavyweight title fight than the matchmakers for Joseph Parker and Andy Ruiz? Here’s how they see Saturday’s showdown in Auckland.


This is going to be a tremendous fight and we have high expectations for Andy Ruiz in Auckland.

We know Joseph Parker is a very, very solid guy who is well coached. I’ve known Kevin Barry for a long time and I have a lot of respect for him.

There’s been a lot of talk about Andy in the past but with Andy now being up in Big Bear and training with Abel Sanchez, I think he is a completely different fighter with his confidence levels, his dedication and the proper sparring.

So we’re very happy where everything stands as of right now in our corner.

There is no way around anything up there in Big Bear – all you do is train and sacrifice your body. Throughout his career, the one thing Andy has had problems with was dedication. He was always the boss, always wanted to go with his time, do whatever he wanted, slack off if he wanted to. But Abel doesn’t play any games like that – it’s either his way or you’re out of there.