Weigh-In Results: Rafael Espinoza vs. Sergio Chirino Featherweight World Title Showdown

Thursday, June 20th 2024

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Fontainebleau Las Vegas

(ESPN+, 7:30 p.m. ET/4:30 p.m. PT)

    •  Rafael Espinoza 125.6 lbs. vs. Sergio Chirino 125.6 lbs
(Espinoza’s WBO Featherweight World Title – 12 Rounds)
Judges: Tim Cheatham, Max De Luca and Steve Weisfeld
Referee: Raul Caiz Jr.

   •  Andres Cortes 130.8 lbs vs. Abraham Nova 129.7 lbs
(Vacant NABO Junior Lightweight Title — 10 Rounds)
Judges: Glenn Feldman, Patricia Morse Jarman, Dave Moretti
Referee: Robert Hoyle
* Cortes weighed in .8 pounds over the junior lightweight limit. Only Nova is eligible to win the title.

•  Troy Isley 158.9 lbs vs. Javier Martinez 159.8 lbs
(Vacant NABO Middleweight Title — 10 Rounds)
Judges: Chris Migliore, Steve Weisfeld and Zachary Young
Referee: Tony Weeks

•   Floyd Diaz 117.8 lbs vs.  Francisco Pedroza 117.5 lbs 
 (Bantamweight — 8 Rounds)

•   DJ Zamora 131.5 lbs vs. Jose Antonio Meza 131.2 lbs 
 (Junior Lightweight — 8 Rounds)

•   Steven Navarro 115.7 lbs vs. Juan Pablo Meza 114.8 lbs 
 (Junior Bantamweight — 6 Rounds)

•    Bryan Polaco 156 lbs vs. Richard Acevedo 156.3 lbs 
 (Middleweight — 6 Rounds)

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